Retention & Archiving

Click on the player below and listen to our hosts discuss retention and archiving on this weeks episode of 'Data Protection Made Easy'.

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The idea of data retention has been around for a long time. It’s defined by the policies and procedures that need to be followed in order to meet your company’s legal obligations when it comes down to archiving records.

During this event, our top consultants Carrie James, Oliver Rear, Phil Brining and David Holmes, will join together to discuss data retention, archiving, and changing the culture around both archiving and retention.

We will answer the core issues related to this topic such as:
– What is data retention?
– Why is it important?
– How long can you hold information?
– Who is responsible for managing retention?
– When is it necessary to delete data?
– Where should you store your data?

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We host a range of sessions which almost act as a guide to specific areas of data protection. next week our hosts will return and be joined by the brilliant Carrie James once again to discuss Data Breaches and how to inspire a cultural change around retention in your organisation.

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