Subject Access Requests Simplified

The third and final instalment of Simplifying Subject Access Requests.

This weeks session was the third and final instalment of Simplifying SARs with Oliver Rear and Carrie James

Our two hosts were joined by our amazing community of Data Protection Practitioners to discuss Subject Access Requests with this weeks focus being on Data Retention.

As always, our sessions are open to anyone who might benefit from joining them and it’s completely free to get involved, if you would like to join future sessions and become part of our growing community reach out to one of the team, visit the events page on our website or email [email protected]

Subject Access Requests are a cornerstone of Data Protection law, as soon as you receive one, the clock starts ticking as you have only one month to respond. Handling SARs is resource-intensive. It requires specialist training and software. luckily, we have the SAR Bureau and can assist with requests at any stage, from discovery to redaction. if you would like to find out how we can support you, head over to the SAR Bureau.