Spotify Wrapped – Top Challenges In 2022

Hosted by Phil Brining and David Holmes

2022 Wrapped

In this week’s episode of the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast our hosts Phil Brining and David Holmes join our growing community of Data Protection Practitioners to discuss the top Data Protection challenges faced this year.

We looked back at our most viewed Spotify episodes and believe they provide great insight into the top challenges faced by Data Protection Officers. Our top episodes in 2022 were as below:

#1. S1 Ep71. ISO 27001 – Everything You Need To Know
#2. S1 Ep58. Simplifying SARs – Top Tips On Handling Subject Access Requests
#3. S1 Ep1. Simplifying SARs – New Commissioners SAR Guidance
#4. S1 Ep35. To DPIA or not to DPIA
#5. S1 Ep74. Retention & Archiving – Changing The Culture Around Archiving

As you can see, Subject Access Requests appeared twice in our top 5 episodes and appeared 4 times in our top 10! We handled hundreds of SARs for our customers in 2022 and we believe this was one of the biggest challenges faced.

For the second year in a row, Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) were in the top five most-played episodes and interestingly listeners were circling all the way back to episode 35 just to listen to our only discussion on the topic. After seeing the numbers we will definitely be hosting another session on this topic in the new year.

ISO 27001 was also an extremely popular session on the podcast this year, we were joined by the brilliant Stuart Barker who shared his insights on the recent changes to ISO27001 we touched on this lightly in today’s episode, click on the episode below and listen back to the full discussion.

Finally, our 4th most popular topic was retention and archiving this episode was hosted by our former employee Carrie James who shared brilliant insights on retention and archiving with our audience and clearly a conversation that is still impactful to this day!