Training & Awareness

Our consultants provide training services and help raise awareness for cyber security regularly, over time they have found that there are many different ways to engage individuals within an organisation when it comes to Data Protection.

We kicked off this month’s first event with a discussion on Training and Awareness and highlighted the many challenges that can come along with it, click on the player below to listen to our top consultants Oliver RearDavid Holmes and Philip Brining as they are joined by our community of Data Protection Practitioners to share their tips on how to raise awareness for Cyber Security and how to engage and educate your workforce.

Our events are completely free to join and anyone is welcome to get involved, this session was recorded and posted as a podcast and is available below as well as being live on all audio streaming platforms. If you would like to take a look back and listen to previous webinars where we discuss Cyber Security, Training and Awareness, Freedom of Information Requests and much more, click one of the icons below.

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