To DPIA Or Not To DPIA – Part 2

Podcast hosted by Oliver Rear and David Holmes

During this episode of the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast our hosts Oliver Rear and David Holmes join together to discuss Data Protection Impact Assessment or DPIAs for short. To DPIA or not to DPIA part 1 was our most popular episode of 2021 and we could see from the engagement in the chat that it is still very much a topic of great interest. As always this episode of the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast was recorded live as part of our series of amazing live events where our hosts join our community of almost 1000 data protection practitioners who join us week in and week out to listen to various discussions around data protection whether that may be ‘how-to’ guides on the complicated area of DP law or discussions surrounding the news of the week. As well as our topical sessions like the one above we also host GDPR Radio each week where our hosts join together to discuss the news of the week and share their views and opinions. If you would like to join us live on future episodes of the Data Protection Made Easy you can visit our events page and select any of the brilliant events we have on the horizon, learn about Data Protection within the financial sector with Jason Ellis from Azets or get to grips with version 4.0 of the PCI DSS as Phil Brining shares his top tips for card payment compliance as well as updating you on all the new elements within the standard.