Charity fundraising in the spotlight!! – Thoughts of the Outsourced DPO

Did you notice in the news yesterday the faux pas by the charity who either haven’t heard or don’t understand the PECR or live in the belief that it doesn’t apply to charity fund raising?

The official response to complaints was really clumsy.  People don’t get offended or upset by unsolicited direct marketing – they get really fed up when organisations patently fail to understand and work within the law though.  @long_covid showed a complete lack of understanding of the offence that they committed and seemed to cock a snook to all those who pointed out the error of their ways.

Sure, some privacy law may be complicated and difficult to understand – the solution is to reach out for support, not to blunder on with the blind leading the blind!

We should be thankful for small mercies; at least they didn’t CC in all the recipients!!