Data Privacy Day 22

We are celebrating the 15th anniversary of Data Privacy Day this year and what better way to do it than hosting our own gameshow and quizzing some of our staff!

Data Privacy Day 2022

As you can imagine, Data Privacy Day is one of our favourite days of the year. back in 2021, we hosted the world’s longest Data Protection podcast where we stayed live on air for just over 8 hours! This year we wanted to do something different and thought that we’d have a bit of fun hosting a data protection MasterMind.  4 contestants each answered some tough questions about data protection.

Watch the video below to see how our contestants faired and to see how many questions you can answer. Also, find out who is the data protection MasterMind!

On a serious note, our mission here is to make data protection easy: easy to understand and easy to do.  We love gamifying up our subject area to get traction and engagement and we thought that we’d share this video with you in the hope of inspiring some inventive new ways of raising awareness in our organisations.  Feel free to share with us what you did to mark International data protection/Privacy Day. You never know, next year we might be able to do something in partnership together?