Data Protection Officer Training

Data Protection Officer (DPO) Training

Earn a certification in Data Protection Management from Data Protection People, one of the UK’s leading Data Protection Consultancies.


Data Protection Officers (DPOs) play a pivotal role in ensuring compliant Data Protection practices are implemented, effective, fit for purpose and appropriately maintained. The DPO’s training is essential to ensuring that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to be effective and efficient in their role. It is therefore vital to secure the very best training and practical support for DPOs to ensure that they are able to provide excellently, informed and accurate support for the organisations they represent.

Training The Privacy Professionals

Our Certificate in Data Protection Management is a comprehensive programme exploring what is required to set up an effective compliance framework for the management of data protection. The programme is focused on understanding, interpreting and applying Data Protection laws in an interesting and pragmatic way. Our aim is to train competent DPOs by ensuring that they have a strong understanding of the law in practice.

Flexible By Design

In response to our client’s requirements, our course is designed as a modular ‘Teams’ based programme, allowing delegates to integrate the modules within their daily work commitments. The programme is delivered twice weekly, in 2-hour sessions, over an 8-week period ending with an ‘open book’ assessment on week 9. Each cohort will contain no more than 8 delegates and each session will facilitate the balance between the delegates’ current roles and the development of their skills and knowledge in relation to Data Protection compliance. Each pair of weekly sessions are delivered in conjunction with ‘Assignments’ that are designed to consolidate and develop your knowledge further.

Mentoring On And After The Programme

We know the role of a DPO can feel a lonely one with limited avenues for continued learning and support. Therefore we will supply unlimited mentor support during and after the programme. Post-programme support will last up to 8 weeks after you have completed your assessment. We can also supply guidance on how you can influence your peers and management team.

Hitting The Spot

You’ll cover Data Protection law at just the right level, encompassing a range of learning styles, to ensure you understand and feel comfortable working with legislation, guidance and case law. The indicative running order over the page highlights what a typical training programme covers

FREE Templates And Tools

    • FREE templates and other tools
    • FREE physical and digital copies of our Information
    • Governance Framework: your reference point is packed full of useful template documents.
    • Ongoing and post-course mentoring to support your ongoing learning and development needs

The UK’s Best Data Protection Training

We may be biased but we’ve looked at what other professional training products are available, how they are structured and what they cover. Although there are some excellent training programmes available, we have created our own unique programme, built from our years of knowledge and experience in the field, to ensure that our training is undoubtedly the very best training in Data Protection law and practice on the market. Our aim is to make Data Protection easy: easy to understand and easy to do.

Approximate Running Order

The following is an approximate running order which may flex during the programme to ensure that the pace is right for the group, the learning aims are met, the delegates have sufficient ‘learning time’, and each point is properly explained, explored and exercised. After committing to the programme, we will issue you with some pre-reading to help you hit the floor running and engage in the programme content from day 1.

What you’ll cover

Week 1: Introduces you to the concept of privacy, information rights and Data Protection. It considers how the law has developed over the years, up to and including the latest legislation, and future developments to watch out for. With the current law in mind, you will start to progress your understanding of the key themes, starting with the scope, definitions and Data Protection principles.

Week 2: Progresses some of the key themes and moves on to consider the lawful basis for processing, what they mean in practice and an overview of information rights.

Week 3: Starts to consider some of the core obligations of controllers and processors under Data Protection laws, including data subject rights, governance and framework documentation.

Week 4: Focusses on understanding and demystifying Records of Processing Activities, Information Asset Registers, data retention schedules and risk assessments.

Week 5: Looks to appropriate technical and organisational security measures through to personal data breach reporting requirements.

Week 6: Considers data transfer mechanisms and how to undertake compliant data transfers within and outside of the UK.

Week 7: Introduces you to direct marketing and a focused look at PECR compliance.

Week 8: Final session on monitoring of compliance and undertaking audits, the role and power of the ICO, potential liabilities and sanctions that organisations face.

Week 9: An open book 3-part assessment (3 hours) involving (a) multi-choice questions, (b)scenario-based questions, (c) practical exercise.


In order for attendees to get fully immersed in the topics covered, assignments will be issued between each week’s learning to expand on the knowledge and prepare you for the following week.

Fully Flexible

The purpose of a modular programme is to allow busy data professionals to engage in learning and continue their day job concurrently. We do understand that occasionally commitments or life gets in the way so to offset eventualities we have built in a buffer where you cannot make a session or two. In these situations, a video covering that day’s topics will be made available to be viewed. This ‘safety net’ can be accessed for 2 separate sessions during the programme.

It’s A Team Thing

In order to enhance the interactive nature of the programme, DPP will provide a moderated group chat function, where the attendees of a specific programme can discuss topics and share thoughts. The community element of this will be expanded beyond the length of the course and will act as an interactive community for the Data Protection professionals post and on the programme.

Want To Know More?

If you would like to learn more about our training course please download the document below or get in touch with one of our employees, alternatively, you can submit an enquiry here.

Download DPO Training Datasheet: DPO Training Data Sheet Remote Delivery v2

What Our Customers Say

“DPP has helped us in numerous different areas over the last 6 months. I have been really impressed with Oli and Kathy in particular the training services they have provided. They not only have a vast understanding of data protection, but they are also great people to work with. I feel comfortable that I can reach out to DPP at any time to help navigate complicated scenarios.” Juniper Education – Gayle Richardson – Data Protection Officer

*UPDATE 06/10/2022* 

The first group of budding DPOs is currently 4 weeks into our training programme. We have had amazing feedback so far only halfway into our DPO training and have received a lot of requests to run a session in the near future. We are now opening up on the 10th of January for 8 weeks of DPO training. This will begin on the 10th of January and finish on the 21st with a 2-week break for half term. If you are interested in attending in January 2023 please get in touch with one of the team or contact us here