Facebook’s privacy policy under scrutiny

Written by Phil Brining

Electronic communication plays an important role in our lives, with many of us using social media every single day. The most popular social network used across the world is Facebook, boasting over 1 billion users – a seventh of the world’s population. This January, the social network made significant changes to its privacy policy.

However, in a report written by Belgium’s data watchdog, Facebook has been accused of breaking data protection laws in Europe. The social network’s new terms were said to be in violation of the European laws against how data is gathered about individuals, what is done with it and how people are informed of such practices. The report stated that the security settings were far too complicated for users to clearly understand which data is private and which will be shared, as well as leaving users uncertain of which organisations are receiving their data. This news comes as European law is currently discussing future options regarding the region’s data protection, with new regulations expected from 2017 to meet the changing technology demands.

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