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Join the Social Housing Conference 2023 to learn from industry leaders about the latest risks, compliance issues, and governance best practices in the social housing sector.

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Get ready for the Housing GRC Conference 2023 – the first event of its kind in the UK housing sector! This highly anticipated conference, taking place on May 18th at the prestigious British Motor Museum, promises to deliver a wealth of valuable insights and practical strategies for organisations looking to optimise their Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) practices.

With input from leading industry experts, the Housing GRC Conference has been specifically designed to cover all areas of GRC, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends, best practices and emerging threats in the sector. This unique event is being developed in partnership by Data Protection People, House of Risk, and 3C Consultants, ensuring a truly collaborative approach to compliance in the housing sector.

So, what can attendees expect from the Housing GRC Conference 2023? Firstly, the conference will offer an exclusive opportunity to network with industry peers and experts in the GRC field, providing attendees with valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations in the housing sector. Additionally, the conference will feature a diverse range of informative sessions and workshops, offering practical strategies for optimising GRC practices and tackling the challenges facing housing organisations today.

With an impressive line-up of keynote speakers, interactive workshops and panel discussions, the Housing GRC Conference promises to be an unmissable event for any organisation looking to prioritise their compliance practices and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving housing sector. Moreover, each participant will receive a range of goodies and takeaways, along with invaluable knowledge and tools that will help them to make a real impact in their organisation’s GRC efforts.

Speakers and Topics for Housing GRC

Speaker Name Title Stream Description
Martin Clemmit A local lens on Global Risks Risk The session will explore the key risks and trends through the lens of the social housing sector and consider how organizations can be best prepared to respond in both mitigating downside effects and seizing opportunity. Key takeaways from the session will be to understand the future focus for risk teams in helping their organization navigate the complex and interconnected nature of risk.
Zack Hodge & Daz Chauhan The importance of data collection and analysis in identifying and mitigating damp and mould Compliance Zack and Daz will discuss the future of damp and mould analytics in the social housing sector, including the potential for new technologies, data collection methods, and collaborative partnerships to inform more effective and efficient damp and mould prevention and remediation efforts. Key Takeaways from this session will be to understand the importance of accurate data collection and analysis in identifying and mitigating damp and mould issues and associated tenant risks in social housing properties.
Scott Cardow, Gary Newlyn & Andy Parkin Is offence the best form of defence with regards to Cyber Security? Risk The session will provide a glimpse inside the world of a hacker by witnessing a real-time live hack of ‘Hack Me Data’ in this exciting and interactive session. Learn how the hackers compromise your organization’s security and explore the pivotal moments and actions you can take to prevent and limit the impact to your organization.
Craig Thornton Enterprise Control Risk & Compliance Craig will share his experience of maturing Sovereign’s enterprise control capabilities to date, where that journey goes next, and why having a mature control environment is critical to the social housing sector’s future success. He will focus on the interconnected nature of risk and the key things to get right in implementing a robust approach to managing and mitigating it.
Amanda Leonard The Fractional Executive Governance Amanda will explore why increasing scrutiny around good governance is leading organizations to consider how they can remain compliant by demonstrating to the Regulator they have access to the required expertise and insight they specifically need. Key Takeaways from this session will include the business case for restructuring Boards and Executive Teams to reduce risk and demonstrate good governance.
Mick Capern Turning off the Dirty Tap of Data Automating data management Governance & Compliance Mick will provide an overview of Westward’s journey to becoming a ‘data-led’ organization and explain why data is critical to successful business transformation. Central to this is data quality management and the journey to data maturity. Key Takeaways from this session will include understanding why an Enterprise Framework is a key transformation tool and how to successfully deliver it, along with the essential need for culture change.
Arturo Dell Data Governance Best Practice Governance and compliance Arturo will explore the links between ‘traditional’ governance and ‘data’ governance, which has proved the cause of considerable confusion in many organizations. Key Takeaways from this session will be to understand data governance as a discipline that supports improved data quality and as a foundational step towards data maturity. The Regulator has stated that “Good quality data forms the cornerstone on which all other assurance of compliance is based.”
Dr. Avi Baruch Flood Risk Compliance Dr. Avi Baruch will present on the evolving impact of different types of flooding in the UK and how new technologies are being used to both predict and prevent their impacts on Housing Associations and tenants.

The event will cover a range of topics related to risk, compliance, governance, and data management in the social housing sector. The speakers will provide insights and best practices on these topics

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