Data Protection Graduate Trainee

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Job Purpose:
To provide support to DPP’s data protection consulting team as required and to develop the skills necessary to become a data protection and information governance consultant.

Reporting to:
Consulting Services Manager

£18K – £22K

Key Functions:
To provide support to DPP’s consulting team including:
Attending various client sites to fulfil or assist in the fulfilment of DPP’s contractual obligations;
Writing up notes, opinions, reports and other documents as required to extend and demonstrate personal skills;
Carrying out research both into the privacy arrangements of clients as well as into technical aspects of privacy and data protection law, legal cases, undertakings, official guidance and the professional opinions of other practitioners;
To support and assist clients to develop and implement appropriate policies and other actions and to ensure that they are complied with.
Providing support to sales by scoping work.
Writing blogs on various topics related to Data Protection.

Main Responsibilities:
Supporting the Consulting team and customers:
To attend client sites to engage with clients and their employees and agents as required to help achieve client objectives for DPP projects and contracts and deliver projects in accordance with the scope of work;
To undertake preparation in advance as required for client meetings and/or DPP projects creating appropriate notes, references and documentation and sharing this with other team members as necessary;
To meet with, interview, and discuss matters relevant to DPP projects maintaining accurate notes of conversations and observations;
To create notes, reports and other documentation as necessary from meetings conversations, findings and observations etc. in a timely, accurate and professional manner and using the approved templates and central DPP resources as appropriate;
To write up documentation as required for presentation to clients to a professional standard required by DPP;
To act in a professional and courteous manner at all times and with integrity and confidentiality and do nothing which brings the company or any of its employees or agents into disrepute.
To log, and handle inbound customer DP and privacy queries in a timely and professional manner seeking appropriate guidance from the Consulting team as required and strictly in accordance with customer SLAs and DPP work practices.
To promptly follow up on customer queries, requirements or actions.
To plan and utilise time efficiently and effectively.
To maintain accurate records of time and expenses incurred and to promptly provide same to DPP as required.
To maintain awareness of relevant law, legal issues, cases and interpretations
To support pre-sales efforts as required including writing proposals, undertaking peer-review of documentation
To work within the consulting framework as set out by DPP and amended from time to time
To positively contribute to the development of the company and its services.
Any other relevant duties as agreed from time to time.

Person Specification:

Candidates should have a general understanding of data protection and information rights law and its application in the workplace.  Candidates must be confident presenters, articulate and able to explain complex scenarios in easy-to-understand terms.  Candidates must be prepared to travel across the United Kingdom.  Candidates must be able to investigate, examine, and critically analyse data protection and privacy-related activities and relevant business processes and test what they find against regulatory and statutory obligations.

Why should you work for us?

Data Protection People are a successful consultancy with only 20 members of staff, during your time here we will try to equip you with all the tools you need to become a successful Data Protection Consultant. You will receive hands-on support, tailored specifically to you, we won’t try and clone you, we believe people buy from people and your personality is what will keep our customers returning time and time again. If you check us out on LinkedIn you will see we don’t take ourselves to seriously, we host weekly live events where we crack jokes and discuss various topics related to data protection. For this reason, we have built up a community of 900 Data Protection Practitioners who are all subscribed to ‘Data Protection Made Easy’ our podcast which is currently the number 1 Data Protection Podcast in the UK.

Typical career progression:

Your role here will see you progressing towards becoming a Data Protection Consultant, however, you will also have the opportunity to progress your career down a more specialist route should you take a particular interest in a specific area of data protection such as auditing or training. Ultimately the career path is yours to forge, whether you want to be a consultant who visits clients on sight or a subject matter expert who is the go-to for all queries in that area.

We offer a career route to utilise and develop your legal skills and love of working with the law as an alternative to private practice or working within the legal services team of a large organisation. 

If you are interested in applying for this opportunity please send your CV over to [email protected]