Master Freedom of Information Requests

Myles Dacres

Check out our Freedom Of Information Training program designed to make you a master at handling information requests.

Master Freedom of Information Requests (FOI): Navigate Transparency with Confidence

Feeling overwhelmed by Freedom of Information (FOI) requests? Our comprehensive FOI training program empowers you to handle these requests effectively, ensuring compliance and fostering a culture of transparency within your organization.

Demystifying the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

We’ll begin by exploring the significance of the FOIA in promoting transparency and accountability within public authorities. You’ll gain a clear understanding of the Act’s scope, applicable entities, and the rights and limitations of individuals making information requests.

Publication Schemes: Proactive Transparency

Learn about Publication Schemes, a proactive approach to information disclosure. We’ll delve into the types of information that should be included, such as organizational structures, policies, and financial reports. Gain the knowledge to create an effective Publication Scheme, ensuring the dissemination of relevant information to the public.

Handling FOI Requests with Confidence

The program equips you with the skills to receive and respond to FOI requests effectively. We’ll address key questions like what constitutes a valid request, response timeframes, handling sensitive information, and managing complex requests. Learn strategies for efficient processing and providing clear, informative responses.

Refusing Requests: Understanding Exemptions

This training delves into the process of refusing FOI requests entirely. You’ll explore legal grounds for refusal, providing clear explanations to requesters, and informing them of their appeal rights. Through practical exercises and case studies, you’ll gain the ability to make informed decisions and handle refusals professionally.

Understanding Withholding Information

The program provides in-depth insight into exemptions, allowing you to withhold information in specific circumstances. We’ll explore the rationale behind exemptions, covering areas like national security, personal privacy, and commercial confidentiality. Learn how to assess exemptions effectively, ensuring careful evaluation and decision-making based on relevant evidence.

Common Exemptions Explained

Become familiar with common FOI exemptions, including absolute exemptions (information already accessible) and qualified exemptions subject to a Public Interest Test (information intended for future publication). This section will equip you to navigate exemptions effectively, make well-informed decisions, and comply with legal requirements.

Internal Reviews and Complaints Management

The training explores the complaints procedure for addressing requester dissatisfaction with the outcome of an FOI request. You’ll gain the knowledge to manage complaints effectively, provide fair assessments, and address concerns in a timely and transparent manner.

Who Should Attend?

  • Data Protection Officers (DPOs)
  • Privacy and Compliance Professionals
  • Legal and Regulatory Experts
  • Anyone responsible for UK GDPR compliance

Become an FOI Expert

By the end of this training program, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the complexities of FOI requests with confidence. You’ll gain the skills to assess requests, apply exemptions appropriately, and ensure compliance with FOIA regulations. Enrol today and become an FOI expert!

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