New SAR Manager Announced

Eleanor Green to take on SAR Manager Position At DPP.

New SAR Manager

New SAR Manager Announced

Congratulations to Eleanor Green who has just been promoted to SAR Manager after being with DPP for only 4 months.

Since joining, Eleanor has gone above and beyond in all areas of her role in supporting our clients with a wide range of challenges, she has also supported the growth of our community by sharing some of our most valuable content of the year including her 8 step guide to handling SARs, you can check that out here:

Eleanor has a natural affinity with people and a keen eye for detail making her the ideal person to take over the wonderful Kathy Midgley who has managed our SAR Bureau since its inception.

Kathy: “I have searched for a long time for the right person to hand over to the SAR Bureau. I needed someone who is capable of managing the existing business and at the same time passionate to develop and progress further. Its been my baby for a long time and I am delighted to have found the right person. Good luck Elle”

Kathy will be moving into a new and exciting position as she passes the baton on to Eleanor, details on her promotion to follow later this week!

Our SAR Bureau provides the full suite of services for handling SARs. Not only can we advise on your SAR handling processes, but our SAR Bureau will also actually do the donkey work for you reviewing and redacting thousands of pages of information per day leaving you and your team free to take a more strategic role.
We use state-of-the-art software tools to speed up the process: using our SAR services helps you to deliver SARs cheaply, effectively, and on time. Find out how we could help you now – BEFORE you get landed with a big and complex SAR!

Some of the SAR services we offer include:


Apply our leading-edge e-discovery tool to data sets to find documents relevant to a SAR in data systems that don’t have intelligent and configurable search capabilities.

Document Reduction

You’d be amazed that our reduction process can take up to 60% of documents out of a document set saving time and cost on review and redaction. We do this through a range of processes including deNISTing and intelligent de-duplication.

Document Digitisation

We can convert both audio files and hand-written documents into type-written formats that can then be searched digitally.

Review and Redaction

Our team of reviewers can process thousands of pages of information each day redacting information the requester is not entitled to or that you don’t want to disclose though the application of an exemption. Our team is impartial to the contents of documents which may contain sensitive and confidential data you don’t want your team to see. There is a lot of sense in engaging with our SAR Services.

Process Review and Advice

Engage with our team to show you the tricks and techniques of building efficient and effective scaleable SAR handling processes.

If you have any requirements for a SAR handling service that can help you with any part of the process, from discovery to redaction reach out to one of the team or visit or SAR Bureau here.