Re-Engaging With Lapsed Donors

Very excited to announce Data Protection People first-ever event for the Charity sector

We have been speaking to people within the sector to try and understand the specific challenges faced within fundraising organisations.

We have several clients in the Charity sector and with insights from them along with Ideas from our Director Philip Brining and Senior Consultant David Holmes who both have extensive experiences working with fundraisers, we have created an event that we believe will bring real value.

On the 29th of October, we will be running an event called ‘Re-Engaging With Lapsed Donors’, we will be covering a range of different things including:

  • How to stay compliant as a Fundraiser
  • Buying Data from a Broker – What are the risks?
  • Working with a lottery provider
  • Using CRM Systems and Fundraising Platforms

As always our events are completely free to join and anyone is welcome to get involved, this session will also be recorded and posted as a podcast in case anyone is not free to join us live on the day. If you would like to take a look back and listen to previous webinars where we discuss Cyber Security, Training and Awareness, Freedom of Information Requests and much more, click one of the icons below.

If you would like an invite to this event or you would like a copy of the recording when its available, please get in touch with Temi: [email protected].

We loved putting this event together, we hope you all enjoy it!!