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Job Title:             Trainee Data Protection Consultant

Job Purpose:     To undertake a structured programme of training and dedicated guidance on a range of data protection related matters, to positively engage with substantial guided exposure to client work and learn the skills necessary to provide appropriate advice, guidance and support to our customers on data protection legal compliance.

Reporting to:     Consulting Services Manager

Key Functions:

•  To proactively engage with DPP’s structured Trainee Consultant’s training programme to learn the skills necessary to become a data protection consultant.
•  To learn about DPP’s range of products and services, delivery standards and methodology, systems and how to effectively manage projects and client’s expectations.
•  To undertake a range of supported tasks to ensure a base core competency standard in preparation for taking on your own portfolio of clients.
•  To positively engage with the Consulting Services Team, through regular shadowing, to gain exposure to a range of different clients, delivery methods, products, services, client queries, case management, training delivery and audit work.
•  To take on small pieces of casework via the Support Desk, with guided assistance, as skills, knowledge and confidence develop within the first 6 months.
•  To interact directly with clients on a range of matters within your deemed level of competence and to manage their expectations accordingly.
•  To undertake all internal DPP training and pass the Practitioner’s training (between 6-12 months)
•  To produce 4 blogs for marketing purposes describing your experiences on the Trainee programme.
•  To actively participate in the delivery of at least 2 Data Protection Audits (months 9-12)
•  To write up notes, opinions, reports and other documents as required by DPP as part of the Trainee Programme.
•  To carry out research both into the privacy arrangements of clients as well as into technical aspects of privacy and data protection law, legal cases, undertakings, official guidance and the professional opinions of other practitioners
•  To pass the competency-based assessment that ends the Trainee Programme and begin the transition from Trainee to Consultant where a new job description will be issued.

Main Responsibilities:

With appropriate support and guidance from  the Consulting team to undertake a range of activities as part of the Trainee Programme, including:
•  To attend client sites to engage with clients and their employees and agents as required to help achieve client objectives for DPP projects and contracts and deliver projects in accordance with the scope of work;
•  To undertake preparation in advance as required for client meetings and/or DPP projects creating appropriate notes, references and documentation and sharing this with other team members as necessary;
•  To meet with, interview, and discuss matters relevant to DPP projects maintaining accurate notes of conversations and observations;
•  To create notes, reports and other documentation as necessary from meetings conversations, findings and observations etc. in a timely, accurate and professional manner and using the approved templates and central DPP resources as appropriate;
•  To write up documentation as required for presentation to clients to a professional standard required by DPP;
•  To act in a professional and courteous manner at all times and with integrity and confidentiality and do nothing which brings the company or any of its employees or agents into disrepute.
•  To log, and handle inbound customer DP and privacy queries in a timely and professional manner seeking appropriate guidance from the Consulting team as required and strictly in accordance with customer SLAs and DPP work practices.
•  To promptly follow-up on customer queries, requirements or actions.
•  To plan and utilise time efficiently and effectively.
•  To maintain accurate records of time and expenses incurred and to promptly provide same to DPP as required.
•  Ensuring that your own professional development needs are attended to and that you continue to be aware of developments in relevant legal fields.
•  To maintain awareness of relevant law, legal issues, cases and interpretations
•  To support pre-sales efforts as required including writing proposals, undertaking peer-review of documentation
•  To work within the consulting framework as set out by DPP and amended from time to time
•  To positively contribute to the development of the company and its services.
•  Any other relevant duties as agreed from time to time.

Trainee Consultant Person Specification:

Candidates should have some understanding of data protection and information rights law and its application or have studied law. Candidates must be able to grasp concepts quickly, manage competing requirements, investigate, examine, and critically analyse data protection and privacy-related activities and test what they find against regulatory and statutory obligations.  Candidates ideally will have commercial acumen and must be confident presenters, comfortable with holding client meetings, articulate and able to explain complex scenarios in easy to understand terms.  Candidates must be prepared to travel across the United Kingdom.

Indicative Salary Range from £25,000 plus bonus depending on experience