Training For Data Protection Officers

Everything you need to know about DPP's online training course for Data Protection Officers.

Data Protection Officer Training


Data Protection Officers play a pivotal role in the effectiveness and efficiency of data processing activities and their training is essential to that effectiveness. It’s therefore vital to secure the very best trainingand support for Outsourced DPOs to ensure that they are able to provide excellent, informed and insightful support for the organisations they represent.

Training the Privacy Professionals

Our Certificate in Data Protection Compliance Management is a comprehensive program exploring what is required to set up and manage systems and regimes for managing data protection compliance. This program is focused on understanding, interpreting and applying the law. Our aim is to train Outsourced DPOs on how to work with the rules. We go further than just looking at the letter of the law.

Flexible by design

We have designed the program to be delivered remotely via MS Teams to provide flexibility for participants. Group exercises are balanced with individual work and tutor-led discussions. We have found that this approach provides a better all-round experience and more positive and long-lasting learning outcomes.

Post-program mentoring

And because we know that the role of a Outsourced DPO can be a lonely one, we’ll give you FREE un-metered access to our expert consulting team for six months once you have completed the program!

FREE templates and tools

Each participant will be provided with a physical and digital copy of our information governance framework: a reference point packed full of useful templates and tools.

The UK’s best professional training

We’ve taken a look at what other professional data protection training is available, how it is structured and what it covers and there is some excellent training out there. But we have picked the best from the rest to create our own unique program which we are sure is undoubtedly the very best training a privacy practitioner can get.

Approximate Running Order

The following is an approximate running order which may flex during the program to ensure that the pace is right for the group: that the learning aims are met and each point is properly explained, explored and exercised.

Day 1: After introductions, we discuss the history of UK data protection law to ensure that everyone understands the context and background. We look at the principle current legislation and how they interact. After a break, the program reviews the key definitions used in data protection law before taking a helicopter view of the GDPR/UK GDPR: GDPR in a nutshell. After lunch, we pull apart the data protection principles taking time to discuss landmark cases and review important official guidance.

Day 2: is spent in the main working with data subjects rights including working through several case studies and group exercises including understanding the exemptions set out in the Data Protection Act.

Day 3: switches attention focussing on the obligations of data controllers and processors, accountability and how to manage data protection compliance. The role and powers of the ICO are discussed along with penalties for noncompliance. During day 3 we’ll do risk assessments and a DPIA. We’ll create and critique information asset registers and records of processing activities. We’ll also plan an audit of data retention, review data processor due-diligence arrangements and write a data-sharing agreement involving international transfers.

Day 4: Is focussed on security of processing, role-playing through a security incident and personal data breach, and looking at providing effective training and awareness.

Day 5: look at the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations and, in particular, the use of cookies and electronic methods for direct marketing. There is time to recap the points covered in the program and an explanation of the assessment process.


You will be required to undertake an assessment in order to achieve certification. The assessment comprises multi-choice questions, a case study, and a written piece. Everything you need to pass the assessment will be provided during the program. Once you have passed the assessment you will be issued a certificate and a digital badge.

The power of practice

We believe that practice makes permanent which is why our training programs contain a host of exercises to allow the participants to apply the training content to real-life scenarios to aid in cementing the learning.

Dates: 14th March – 18th March 2022 (Online) / 20th June – 24th June 2022 (Physical)
Location: Microsoft Team (March) / Hilton Hotel Milton Keynes (June)
Time: 9-5 Monday to Friday
Cost: Get in touch / Info@dataprotectionpeople / 0113 869 1290

What our customers say…

“DPP has helped us in numerous different areas over the last 6 months. I have been really impressed with Oli and Kathy in particular the training services they have provided. They not only have a vast understanding of data protection, but they are also great people to work with. I feel comfortable that I can reach out to DPP at any time to help navigate complicated scenarios.”
Juniper Education – Gayle Richardson – Outsourced DPO

Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more about BootCamp or enquire about prices, please get in touch with one of the team or contact us here.