Upcoming Events

We have some brilliant events lined up over the next few months.

Our events take place every Friday between 12:30PM to 13:30PM and alternate between GDPR Radio, a laid back collaborative discussion about the news of the week and Lunchtime Takeaway Sessions where we discuss a different topic related to Data Protection each time. Our sessions are completely free to join and anyone is welcome to get involved.

We have over 650 subscribers to our weekly events and we work closely with our listeners to find common struggles so we can create the best possible list of events that we know will bring value to our growing community.

All of our events are recorded and posted online as podcasts, if you would like to tune in and listen to our previous sessions you can scan the QR code below.

Our next event is GDPR radio where our panel will join our community of Data Protection practitioners to discuss the news of the week, share any challenges they have faced and answer any questions from our listners.

See the list of upcoming events below and if you would like to get involved in future sessions and join us live, please get in touch with: [email protected]