Upcoming Events

a list of events set to take place between the 25th of March and the 27th of May 2022.

We have an amazing lineup of events set to take place between Friday the 25th of March and the 27th of May.

During these sessions, our consultants will join our growing community of Data Protection Practitioners to discuss various topics related to data protection.

We currently have over 850 subscribers who receive invites to join us live and hundreds of people who listen through Spotify and Apple Music each and every week.

Our aim is to Make Data Protection Easy, easy to understand and easy to do. We work closely with our listeners to tailor events that bring as much value as possible.

We have pulled together a list of our upcoming events for the next couple of months.

25th March: GDPR Radio – News & Views
1st April: Due Diligence – How To Properly Assess Responses
8th April: GDPR Radio – News & Views
22nd April: ISO 27001 – Everything You Need To Know About ISO 27001
29th April: GDPR Radio – News & Views
6th May: Retention And Archiving – Best Practice And Changing The Culture
13th May: GDPR Radio – News & Views
20th May: Data Breaches (Part 1) – How To Spot One And What To Do
27th May: Data Breaches (Part 2) – Mitigating And Reporting A Data Breach

If you would like to sign up and register for any of the events below, get in touch with one of the team or click on the session and complete the registration form on the events page.

As always, our sessions are completely free to join and anyone is welcome to get involved. If you are unable to make the session but would still like to tune in and listen to our discussion you can find us on all major audio streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify by searching Data Protection Made Easy.

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