Why You Should Work at Data Protection People

Myles Dacres

Looking for a job in data protection or cyber security? Discover what it takes to work at Data Protection People.

Data Protection People Team

Is 2024 the year you start looking for opportunities in the data privacy sector? The new year represents a fresh start when it comes to work, with nearly 22% of respondents in a survey saying they want to commence 2024 with a new job

The privacy and cyber security job market is booming as more organisations work to comply with national regulations and standards. At Data Protection People, we always seek talented individuals to join our consultancy. Could this be you? 

This blog will discuss the working culture and how you could help drive our mission to simplify data protection.

Who Are Data Protection People? 

Data Protection People (DPP) are a data protection and information security consultancy that works with industries across the globe. In 2015, Phil Brining, David Henry, Robin Hill, and Andrew Mason came together to create Data Protection People in response to the EU GDPR coming into force. 

The GDPR, Data Protection Act (DPA) (2018) and PECR are complex legislative documents that many organisations need help understanding. So we decided to fix this. How? By making data protection simple. 

Over the years, we have developed over 90 products and services which help organisations achieve compliance and improve their competitive edge. We’re proud to be one of the leading providers of data protection services in the UK. 

Our Specialisms In Data Protection & Information Security

We are fortunate to have a fantastic team of data protection and information security specialists. When you join us, you could be helping clients with: 

  • PCI DSS – Our QSA delivery team assist organisations with compliant processing, storing and transmitting credit card information in line with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). 
  • Cyber Security Consultancy – We offer expert consultancy and cyber security support for organisations looking to reduce risk and ensure compliance. 
  • ISO 27001 – We guide organisations through every step of their ISO 27001 compliance journey. 
  • Pentesting – We provide penetration testing services to protect our customers’ systems from cyber threats. 
  • Subject Access Requests (SARs) – Our expert team effectively reviewed, redacted, and digitalised documentation for subject access requests. 
  • Data Protection Officers (DPOs) – We help organisations fulfil their DPO responsibilities as outsourced, independent DPOs. 
  • Data Protection Consultancy – We become an organisation’s trusted advisor for data protection requirements. 
  • GDPR Audits – We perform detailed audits of organisations’ data processes and policies, helping them achieve compliance. 
  • GDPR Representative – Our GDPR representatives are responsible for communicating with data subjects and the authorities on behalf of a controller or processor. 
  • GDPR Documentation – We provide a range of template documents and policies needed for GDPR and PCI DSS compliance. 
  • GDPR Training – Our team of trainers raise awareness in all areas of GDPR. 

We encourage our team to learn and develop into the experts many industries need. Learn in-demand skills, collaborate with team members and grow with Data Protection People. 

Can You Help Drive Our Mission?

Our mission is to make data protection easy. We achieve this through our mantra of benchmarking, improving, and maintaining. 

We are an extension of our customer’s teams, helping solve their data protection or cyber security challenges. We improve awareness and create a strong culture that puts compliance at the heart of everything we do. As our customers grow, we maintain their processes with solutions that ensure continuous improvement. 

To succeed on our team, you need to live by these values day in and day out. Our customer-first approach has helped us grow into who we are today. Can you help us drive this?

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