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GDPR Radio – Episode 89

Hosted by David Holmes and Oliver Rear

Data Protection Made Easy

GDPR Radio 89

GDPR Radio is a fortnightly event hosted by Data Protection People, it’s a collaborative space where almost 1000 Data Protection Officers (DPOs), Governance Managers, Teachers, Students and many other individuals join together with the shared goal of making data protection easy.

Together as a community, we discuss important issues related to data protection such as Subject Access Requests, Audits or Training. In between these events we also host ‘GDPR Radio’ where we discuss the news of the week and share our views and opinions. We created these sessions to connect with our community shortly after the pandemic in 2020. Data Protection People has always had a great focus on the People. 

That’s what makes us different from any other consultancy, we know that our clients could find the same service elsewhere, they may even find it cheaper, what they won’t find is a collective of individuals who are as experienced AND as personable as us.

Why is that important? Our mission is to make data protection easy, easy to understand and easy to do, our consultants translate complex law into easy-to-understand documentation that helps our community simplify their role as a DPO. If you would like to become part of our community, fill out the form below!

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