Bringing Data Protection To Life

Celebrating 100 Episodes Of The Data Protection Made Easy Podcast

Bringing Data Protection To Life
Celebrating 100 Episodes Of Data Protection Made Easy

Click on the player and tune in to this week’s episode of the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast as we welcome Award-Winning Trainer and Data Protection Officer Paul Withers from Walsall Council to share insights on how to Bring Data Protection To Life in your organisation.

During this session, Paul turns data protection processes on their head while talking about the way in which we expect others to follow our processes.

Coming from a military background and then working within health care before entering the world of local government has provided Paul with the opportunity to see and experience many variations and aspects of data sharing and requests, which is why he wanted to ensure anyone requesting information from him knew exactly how he would deal with such situations.

Turning such a process on its head allows us to consider if processes are actually transparent enough, logical, easy to understand or even being followed. The puzzle method Paul developed in 2018 helps ensure the right controls are added while achieving privacy by default and design requirements.

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