GDPR Radio – Episode 101

Hosted by David Holmes and Phil Brining

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GDPR Radio – Cookies, Lego & Privacy Tech

On this week’s episode on the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast, our hosts, Phil Brining and David Holmes join our growing community of Data Protection Practitioners to discuss the news of the week and share their views and opinions. There was a lot happening in the world of Data Protection this week and we covered a wide range of topics including Data Protection Board Games, Tracking Devices and Employee Monitoring.

If you would like to join us LIVE on future episodes of the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast visit our events page and sign up for any of the amazing discussions we have on the horizon. on the 25th of November, our very own Charlotte Hogg will be joined by extra special guest Becky Tucker to discuss the Housing Reform Bill and the potential impact it may have on Data Protection. If you work in the housing sector you don’t want to miss it although as always there will be interesting takeaways no matter what sector you work in.

Data Protection People have a brilliant lineup of events in the lead-up to Christmas. We plan to create working groups for each individual sector within our community in the coming weeks so Data Protection Practitioners have a sounding board of like-minded individuals who work in the same sector. It’s a great way for our community to support one another and for us, it’s a great way to evaluate the common trends in the market so we can tailor events that bring real value to our audience.

If you have any suggestions on future topics you would like us to cover please get in touch with one of the team or email our producer Myles: [email protected]

Useful Links From This Week’s Discussion

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Monetary Penalty Notice – Interserve

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MET Police Cyber Protection

United Kingdom Employment Appeal Tribunal

Employment practices: monitoring at work: draft guidance

Public attitudes to data and AI: Tracker survey (Wave 2)

Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund privacy notice

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