GDPR Radio – Episode 103

Hosted by Phil Brining and David Holmes

GDPR Radio - Episode 103

GDPR Radio – Episode 103

Join us for episode 103 of the Data Protection Made Easy Podcast as our hosts David Holmes and Phil Brining join together to discuss the news of the week and recent changes in the world of Data Protection.

In this week’s episode, we focus on DPIAs, International Transfers and Subject Access Requests related to Disrepair Claims, If you’d like to subscribe and receive invites to join us live on future episodes of the podcast, visit our events page and sign up for any of the brilliant events you have on the horizon. Data Protection People Events. 

We are returning next week with a Podcast dedicated to the education sector, our host for next week’s podcast is our very own Vicki Lawson who brings with her years of experience in the sector.  Vicki will join our growing audience to discuss the top challenges faced in education.  Sign up here.