The Latest Data Protection & Cyber Security News – February 2024

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Worried about AI? Or concerned that your third-party relationship may risk a data breach? We’re here to help.

In this month’s Data Protection Made Easy podcast, we discuss the complexities of AI, third-party relationships, special category data and more. Discover the key takeaways from our podcasts below. 

Data Protection Made Easy – Podcast Rundown 

Episode 156: Voice Recordings & More

In February’s first episode, our hosts, Phil, Joe, and Jasmine, discussed the latest data protection news, covering FOIA exemptions and the ICO’s investigation into transparency in health and social care. 

Concerned about your cookies? Well, the ICO isn’t holding back. In November, the ICO warned the UK’s top websites about their non-compliant advertising cookies. These warnings weren’t taken lightly – in fact, it was a great win for ICO. 

38 of 53 contacted organisations updated their cookie banners to comply with data protection laws. The ICO is now developing an AI solution to discover other organisations that are guilty of non-compliance. 

After our GDPR Radio segment, we debated whether voice recordings are classified as special category data. Under the UK GDPR, this data reveals a person’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, beliefs or trade union membership. Other data, such as genetic or biometric data, are also considered special categories. 

Collecting and processing special category data always has implications. But what about voice recordings? Listen to episode 156 to hear our answers now. 

Episode 157: Motivating Your Workforce for Data Protection

How do you create a culture of compliance? Through regular data protection training and ongoing reminders of best practices. However, training employees can be challenging for some organisations, with many needing more motivation to learn.

Learning about the UK GDPR can be difficult. But, as your data protection consultants, we can help make it easy. In episode 157, we discussed how you can motivate and empower your workforce to play a proactive role in data protection compliance. 

Head to episode 157 to get our top tips for motivating your employees. 

Episode 158: Is AI More Romantic Than You? 

In our GDPR Radio segment, we discussed recent ICO fines, large data breaches and lessons learned from non-compliance. 

After this, we moved on to AI and the growing privacy concerns. We considered the ethical considerations regarding data collection, algorithm bias and the potential for AI-powered surveillance. The AI revolution isn’t stopping anytime soon, and you need to consider many AI threats, so listen to what our experts have to say

There is a growing need to regulate the use of AI to combat its potential data privacy risks. By 2026, the EU AI Act – the first-ever legal AI framework – will come into force. This aims to mitigate the risks associated with AI and provide guidelines for developing, implementing or using AI.

2026, however, is still years away. So, the question remains: are we prepared for the age of AI? Hear our thoughts in episode 158

Episode 159: Mastering Third-Party Relationships (Part Two) 

Last month, we began our bite-size series on third-party relationships and offered actionable tips for maintaining data compliance. 

This discussion continues in episode 159 as we examine recent data breaches in February. Our debate addresses how carefully assessing and managing third-party relationships can minimise data security risks. We discuss the importance of other third parties outside the “controller-processor” relationship, including the ICO and Data Protection Officers

Need help managing your third-party relationships? Listen to episode 159 to learn how you can achieve secure data transfers.

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