The Latest Data Protection & Cyber Security News – December 2023

Myles Dacres

Discover the latest cyber security and data protection news in our podcast, Data Protection Made Easy.

Data Protection and Cyber Security News

Across 2023, we’ve witnessed a whirlwind of news and developments in data protection and privacy. 

The EU General Data Protection Regulation turned five, there’s been a major increase in AI governance and multiple organisations fined over data breaches. Data security remains a top priority for organisations as the years go by. 

In this blog, we outline the biggest takeaways from December’s edition of the Data Protection Made Easy podcast and look forward to 2024. 

What Is the Best GDPR Podcast to Follow in 2024? 

Data is on everyone’s mind. Whether you work in data protection or cyber security, staying updated with the latest industry trends is essential. The privacy space is constantly changing, and those who are misinformed could put their organisation at risk. 

If you want to listen to expert insight about data privacy and security, we have a podcast for you. Data Protection Made Easy is a leading voice reporting on the latest news, regulations and trends shaping the data security industry.

You’ll hear from our specialist data protection team each week, so don’t miss out!

Data Protection Made Easy – Podcast Rundown

Data security is important all year round. It doesn’t slow down as the year ends. In fact, cyber threats are at their highest during November and December. Below, we outline the following episodes available to watch now. 

Episode 150: Celebrating 150 Episodes of Data Protection Made Easy 

In this episode, we celebrated the 150th episode of our podcast. We reflected on the last three years of hosting Data Protection Made Easy, including what we plan to do in the future. 

Celebrations aside, we dived into the Data Protection and Digital Information (DPDI) Bill, evaluating the bill’s amendments and proposed restructuring of data protection practices. When the DPDI Bill passes legislation, data protection will shift to a new era, demanding businesses to reassess their current infrastructure. 

Listen to our opinions on the DPDI Bill in our 150th episode today. 

Episode 151: GDPR Radio – Online Safety Vs Data Protection

Hosts Jasmine Harrison and Philip Brining come together to discuss the latest data protection and cyber security news. This in-depth commentary looked at recent data breaches, regulatory changes, and emerging trends around AI. 

Philip, Founder and MD of Data Protection People, assessed the role of data governance in AI reliability and accountability. The key takeaway was that organisations must formulate AI policies prioritising data integrity and safeguarding data through testing. The dynamic nature of AI requires proactive data governance to anticipate challenges ahead.

Want to learn more? Head to our 151st episode now. 

Episode 153: Data Protection Made Easy – Festive Finale

In our last episode, our hosts brought in Joseph Kirk, a Data Protection Support Desk Consultant, to tackle common holiday myths, data collection surges and online security threats. 

In this festive episode, we discussed Santa’s tracking technology, regulatory changes and the importance of staying vigilant with data protection all year round. Share the festive cheer and enjoy our last episode

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