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Data Protection Made Easy Podcast.

Our Podcast series was created in the wake of the pandemic. Prior to 2020 Data Protection People (DPP) had a tremendous face-to-face reputation, we won a large amount of business through recommendations and referrals. Since its inception, Data Protection Peoples’ motto has been “Data Protection Made Easy.” When engaging with anyone, the goal is to make Data Protection easy to understand and easy to do. This means it is incredibly important that our team is built up of not only knowledgeable individuals but also real people who know how to communicate and translate complex Data Protection laws into something that is digestible and easy to understand.

Before becoming the Marketing Manager here at Data Protection People, I worked in sales, selling Data Protection is incredibly hard and I found it extremely frustrating cold selling our products and services, especially at the start of the pandemic as most people were working from home and were difficult to reach. Personally, I hate cold calling, I think it’s outdated and much less effective in 2022. I believe reputation and brand come above anything when it comes to sales, we want people to think of us before anything else when they face a Data Protection challenge.

Before it was a ‘Podcast’ we hosted a monthly online seminar where our experts would run Data Protection workshops for our clients, giving them updates on the latest news from the world of Data Protection and sharing top tips on how to complete certain Data Protection processes. We initially thought of recording each conversation and creating relevant content for LinkedIn and Twitter. This idea quickly snowballed and we now have the number 1 Data Protection podcast on Spotify with over 90+ episodes and almost 1000 subscribers.

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Data Protection Made Easy quickly grew into something beyond what we could have ever expected, and it became clear that there was a real hunger for a different kind of content within our industry. I personally spent some time attending our competitor’s and partners’ events to see what they were doing right and what they were doing wrong. Every virtual event I joined was unengaging and stagnant, there was no personality, and it did not feel human! I’m dyslexic and have a neurodivergent brain, I disengage with content faster than the average person, I also had little to no experience with Data Protection so it means the content has to be clear and concise. We wanted to create a collaborative environment where the online seminar wasn’t scripted, wasn’t on rails and wasn’t corporate meaning that it would interest and engage an experienced DPO as well as people with little to no experience like myself. We didn’t even want any of our hosts to try and sell any of our products. We wanted this to be completely free of charge and make the lives of the people within our community easier by explaining complex processes and laws in a way that’s easy to understand for all.

What have we achieved so far?

Subscribers: Over the last two years the subscribers have grown from 0 to over 950+, the subscribers come from a wide range of backgrounds including Data Protection Officers, Information Governance officers, head teachers, students, and many other backgrounds. The remarkable thing is that no matter what level you are at, there is something to take away from every session.

Episodes: as mentioned above, before taking charge of the marketing we didn’t have any audio content available online, we now have over 90+ hours’ worth of content on all major audio streaming platforms including Spotify.

What’s coming up?

02.09.2022 – Top 10 Challenges For DPOs – Insights From The Support Desk
09.09.2022GDPR Radio – News & Views
16.09.2022PCI DSS 4.0 – Understanding the Changes
23.09.2022GDPR Radio – News & Views
30.09.2022 – Vexatious Individuals – When Can You Refuse A Request
07.10.2022 – GDPR Radio – News & Views
14.10.2022 – Data Security Protection Toolkit – Ft. Barry Moult
21.10.2022 – GDPR Radio – News & Views
28.10.2022Data Protection In The Education Sector – Ft. Vicky Lawson
04.11.2022 – GDPR Radio – News & Views

All of the events above can be found in the events section of our website, if you would like to sign up and become part of the UK’s biggest Data Protection Community, visit any of the events pages above or contact us here.

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Written by Myles Dacres – Marketing Manager