The Latest Data Protection & Security News – January 2024

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The Latest Data Protection & Cyber Security News – January 2024

The first month of 2024 is done! Throughout January, the Data Protection Made Easy podcast focused on trending news related to AI, cyber attacks, and the upcoming Data Act. Our team also celebrated a big occasion – Data Protection Day! 

Discover what we discussed and learned from January’s podcasts below. 

What’s New in Data Protection & Cyber Security? 

Episode 153: Data Protection Made Easy Returns

After the holiday break, our hosts, Jasmine Harrison, Joe Kirk and Phil Brining, discuss the latest in data protection and how to stay alert in 2024. 

We examined concerns surrounding smart home devices, such as baby cameras and Alexas, and how going smart doesn’t always mean you’ll be safe. We consider these IoT vulnerabilities one of the biggest cyber threats for 2024 if safeguards aren’t implemented. 

We also looked at the news surrounding the NHS Federated Data Platform and the recent British Library cyber attack, which massively disrupted their online systems, services and website. 

After rounding up the latest developments, we looked ahead to 2024. Our hosts analysed the impact the EU’s Data Act and the new ISO 42001 standard on AI will have on data governance and AI development. 

Listen to our 153rd podcast in full to discover what else is on the horizon for 2024.

Episode 154: Unpacking Third-Party Data Relationships

In January’s second episode, we went back to data protection basics and broke down the complexities of third-party relationships. 

Our hosts explained the responsibilities of data controllers, who control how data is processed, and data processors, who handle personal data on a controller’s behalf. 

We also cover top tips for partnering with a compliant data processor and creating an ironclad contract that keeps all parties aligned with data protection regulations. At the end of this topic, we address international data transfers and offer tools for staying compliant.

Episode 154 is just a bite-size introduction to data privacy. For a complete course, head to the data protection training academy. We cover DPIAs, SARs, data breaches, and more. 

Learn how you can maintain compliance with data processors in our podcast.

Episode 155: Data Protection Day: A Celebration of Privacy 

Our hosts celebrated Data Protection Day in this episode, an international event raising awareness of best privacy and data protection practices. 

Staying GDPR compliant isn’t just about meeting legal requirements. Data protection shows respect for a data subject’s privacy and freedom. Employees should always consider how their actions can impact data security in any workplace.

Nominating a Data Champion or Data Protection Officer (DPO) will keep everything in check. The DPO or Data Champion should provide ongoing data privacy training and share best compliance practices.  

Could you be a Data Champion? Take our data protection quiz to test your knowledge. We review all the questions (and answers) in our 155th episode. Listen today! 

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