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Data Protection People are one of the UK’s leading data protection and cyber security consultancies with a wide range of clients and connections across the globe. As a pioneer in the field, we have always been dedicated to providing bespoke services to our clients, offering tailored solutions to simplify complex challenges and foster a culture of privacy. To further empower our community, we launched a podcast back in 2020, sharing valuable tools and techniques to become impactful Data Protection Practitioners. We often had individuals reach out and ask for more intensive discussion and explanation around common and complex challenges faced by data protection practitioners. Today, we are proud to have a wide range of tutor-led training courses that promise to make Data Protection and Information Security easy for all. Easy to understand and easy to implement.

Unlock Your Full Potential with Our Expert-Led Training Courses

At Data Protection People, we understand that knowledge is power. Our new suite of training programs has been thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse needs of professionals from various backgrounds. Whether you’re a seasoned Data Protection Officer (DPO) looking to enhance your expertise or an individual starting their data protection journey, we have the perfect course for you.

Our Tutor-led Training Programmes

Data Protection Officer Certification: This comprehensive training equips new and budding DPOs with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles. (Download DPO Course Information)
Subject Access Request (SAR) Training: Master the art of handling Subject Access Requests gracefully, ensuring compliance and efficiency. (Download Subject Access Request Training Information)
Records Of Processing Activity (ROPA) Training: Learn how to manage data processing activities transparently, enhancing accountability and trust. (Download Records of Processing Activities Training Information)
International Transfer Training: Ensure compliant cross-border data transfers, navigating the complexities of global data protection laws. (Download International Data Transfers Training Information)
Introduction To Data Protection: Ideal for beginners, this course covers the fundamentals and basics of data protection. (Download Introduction to Data Protection Information)
Freedom Of Information Requests (FoI) Training: Navigate requests for public information access with ease and precision. (Download Freedom of Information Training Syllabus)
Information Rights Request Training: Handle data access and rectification requests confidently, ensuring data subjects’ rights are respected. (Download Information Rights Requests Training Information)
Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) Training: Assess and mitigate privacy risks effectively, safeguarding against potential breaches. (Download Data Protection Impact Assessment Training Information)
Privacy Leadership Training: Empower senior leaders, CEOs, and board members in privacy and data protection to develop a culture of privacy within their organisations.

Why Choose Our Training Programs?

Top-Class Trainers and Data Protection Experts: Our courses are led by industry experts, ensuring you receive top-notch guidance and valuable insights.
Interactive Sessions via Microsoft Teams: Engage, network, and learn from your peers in real-time during live sessions.
Tailored for Your Needs: We understand that each participant has unique requirements. Our training is bespoke, ensuring it meets your specific goals.
Easy Listening Podcasts: Enjoy our laid-back, friendly, and informal podcast sessions, ideal for data protection enthusiasts.

Special Summer Offer – Unleash Your Potential

To make this summer even more rewarding, we are delighted to offer exclusive discounts on our training courses. Purchase any two courses and enjoy a 5% discount. For those seeking a comprehensive learning experience, purchasing three courses at once will grant you an impressive 10% discount.

Seize the Opportunity – Enroll Today!

Don’t miss the chance to enhance your data protection expertise and be at the forefront of safeguarding privacy rights. Our training courses will equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel in your role and make a real impact.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Let’s embark on a journey of knowledge together, making Data Protection Made Easy for all!

Join Data Protection People in our mission to simplify, empower, and foster a culture of privacy! Together, let’s navigate the dynamic world of data protection with confidence and excellence.